Call It Love Episode 8 Recap & Review (Creeper Alert)

Call It Love Episode 8 Recap: Call It Love is a Korean romantic drama series that was written by Kim Ga-eun and directed by Lee Kwang-young. It stars Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-kwang, Sung Joon, Ahn Hee-yeon, and Kim Ye-won, among others.

Young-kwang was seen last in the Netflix thriller from 2022. Someone as Seong Yun-o opposite Kang Hae-lim, and Sung-last kyung’s drama role was as Oh Han-byeol opposite Kim Young-dae in the tvN K-drama Sh**ting Stars in 2022.

Episode 8 of Call It Love lasts for a full hour.

Call It Love Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode of Call It Love starts with Woo-joo sitting on a bench, drunk, and thinking about what she told Jun and what it means. She feels terrible about how she has treated him up until now, and she feels even worse about the fact that she might like him. Ji-gu sees her in this state sitting on a bench outside Dong-apartment jin’s and asks him to help her. He rushes over to help her.

She seems happy to see his face when she wakes up from her drunken sleep and sees him. Dong-jin asks her why she is sitting at the playground without calling him. She asks him why he thinks she came to see him and then says she was the only one who didn’t realise how she felt. She ends up thinking that he pretended not to notice anything was why she didn’t get it.

He walks her home, and she tells him about her father’s affair and how she was an archer long ago. In the end, she asks him to not like her as a favour, saying that it wouldn’t turn out to be a good plan. After they say goodbye, Woo-joo cries about how they talked, and Dong-jin also seems very sad.

The next day at work, Jun tells Woo-joo that he didn’t end up telling her mother the truth because she never picked up. Woo-joo tells Jun that she will start looking for Ji-gu the next day, which makes her feel better. Dong-jin cancels the rental of the exhibition hall and finds out from the owner that Sung-man is in a lot of trouble because he can’t pay for the fair he tried to put on with Min-fake young’s promise to invest.

Dong-jin is trying to figure out what Woo-joo meant by his warning from last night while Sung-man is looking for Min-young. Woo-joo, who is sad at work, can’t help but be attracted to Dong-jin and fixes one of his shirt buttons. After a small fight with Sun-woo, Min-young thinks back to the first time she met Hee-ja and realises that Dong-mother jin’s is a tornado waiting to destroy everything. But when she tells Dong-jin that she met his mother, he is upset but doesn’t say anything to her.

As a last-ditch effort to clear the air, she desperately tells him through a half-closed door that she left him not just because of his mother, but also because he became distant as soon as she brought up marriage. She is upset that he never stood up for her and was so uncaring about her problems. She also blames him for some of what happened, and when she’s done yelling, she finds out that Ji-gu was on the other side of the door. This puts Ji-gu in an awkward position, and she feels bad about it.

The next day, Sung-man keeps asking Min-young questions while Woo-joo tells the real estate agent that Dong-jin should stop looking for them because they are fine. She also doesn’t want money or anything else. Instead, she says that all she wants is for everyone to forget about the mess. Even though they like each other more and more, Woo-joo and Dong-jin continue to keep their distance from each other at the office.

When Yu-ri tells Young-min that Woo-joo is close to Dong-jin, he doesn’t understand. He remembers what she said about ruining the business, and he wonders if she set him up to get fired. On his search for Min-young, Sung-man creeps up to her apartment and asks her to call him because he doesn’t know how to give up.

When Dong-jin heard that Woo-joo wouldn’t be coming to team lunch that day, he looked a little sad. She is also leaving when her contract is up, so she doesn’t see why she should get to know anyone too well. As everyone eats, Woo-joo tries to find her brother and talk to him for the first time.

Back at the restaurant, Sun-woo begs Dong-jin to take Woo-joo out on a date. But he tells her he promised himself he would never be hurt again because he knows how all relationships end. But Woo-joo pushes all of her limits, and she has managed to change his mind, even if only a little bit. Sun-woo is thrilled that he told the truth.

Call It Love Episode 8 Ending

Dong-jin sees Min-young outside their building on his way back home. He tells her not to drink so much. She hugs him right on time because she was given a little bit of wiggle room. Sung-man sees the scene in front of them and gets angry that they are working together. Just as he is about to attack them, Woo-joo steps in and stops him from interrupting them or hurting Dong-jin.

Call It Love Episode 8 Review

I don’t get it. I don’t understand why Dong-jin and Woo-joo are together. I don’t understand why she keeps working with him when she feels she can’t be with him, especially since they both like each other. I also don’t know why she hangs out near his building all the time and is always there when he needs her. I just don’t understand why the relationship is going this way.

It’s annoying to see grown-ups act like this. Sure, trauma can be really damaging. But the last thing most people want to see is two people go back and forth all the time without doing anything to move forward, either individually or as a pair.

When it comes to how I feel about Dong-jin, I go back and forth between irritation and admiration. I get you’re a good person who had a shitty childhood. You also have a business, though. So sometimes you have to be a little bit cruel. I’m not even saying that he should kill people who hurt him. But you can still have limits, right? People will walk all over you if you don’t stand up for yourself. He had a good time with Young-min, but I worry that he is slowly and steadily going back to his old ways, which I don’t like.

I just want the two main characters to go to therapy. This kind of behaviour can’t go on forever.

The story of Sung-man is also strange. Even though I get it—that he’s creep who won’t take no for an answer. But even if that is true, what is he trying to do? Attack Min-young and make her invest? Or assault her? I don’t get it.

But mostly, I don’t know where the story is going because the plots and scenes are so confusing. There are some really touching parts, but I’d rather the story move forward than keep going around and around in circles.

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