Bupkis Episode 2 Cast

As Bupkis Episode 2 begins, the nation is in shock and mourning, but Pete’s family has a reason to celebrate – Amy’s sister’s wedding. Amy feels overwhelmed by the attention she receives from others due to her husband Scott’s tragic death in a terrorist attack. This underlying issue resurfaces throughout the episode as people constantly express their condolences.

Bupkis Episode 2

Meeting Uncle Tommy 

During the wedding, young Pete meets Uncle Tommy (Bobby Cannavale) for the first time. The charismatic yet flawed character immediately makes an impression on Pete as he teaches him life lessons, including how to use his fly to pee.

Tommy’s Midlife Crisis 

In the present day, an adult Pete reconnects with Uncle Tommy, who now sports white hair and works for a Russian bank. Tommy faces a midlife crisis, struggling to find meaning in life and feeling detached from his daughter, Angela.

Pete’s Struggle with Loss 

Pete has difficulty processing his father’s death at the wedding and acts out. Father Mac (Steve Buscemi) tries to provide spiritual guidance, but it’s Uncle Tommy who takes Pete under his wing and accompanies him on an errand. As the episode progresses, Tommy imparts the wisdom “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” to Pete, who takes it to heart.

The Wedding and Family Support 

The wedding takes a fun turn when Tommy confronts the DJ for not playing Pete’s “Cotton Eye Joe,” and everyone joins in the dance. Amy seeks support from her parents in raising her children, and they encourage her to be a strong, independent single mother.

A Glimpse into Tommy’s Struggles 

The present-day Tommy has lost his zest for life, and it’s revealed that he might be having suicidal thoughts. Pete is deeply affected by his uncle’s emotional decline, as he remembers him as a strong, towering figure in his youth.

Comforting Words from Pete 

Before parting ways, Pete tells Tommy that it’s okay not to have all the answers in life. Although Tommy is too drunk to comprehend the message, Pete’s words resonate with viewers as a poignant moment in the episode.

A Blend of Memories and Fiction 

Young Pete’s experience at his first wedding, filled with a mix of real-life memories and fictional elements, ends on a high note as he becomes the life of the party. The episode concludes with Amy reflecting on the events and real images from Pete’s past wedding experiences.

Episode Review 

Bupkis Episode 2 takes a more serious approach than the first episode, delving into Pete’s childhood memories and the impact of losing his father. The characters’ engaging narrative and emotional depth offer viewers a relatable and touching story. Bobby Cannavale’s portrayal of Uncle Tommy is captivating, while Pete Davidson proves himself as a misunderstood cultural icon. The use of real-life photos adds a personal touch to the show, leaving fans eager for more in the upcoming episodes.

Bupkis Episode 2 Cast

Pete Davidson as Pete Davidson

Edie Falco as Amy Davidson

Joe Pesci as Joe Larocca

Steve Buscemi as Father Mac

Jane Curtin as Marie

Marissa Jaret Winokur as Lori

Nadia Dajani as Barbara

Preston Brodrick as Young Pete

Joshua Bitton as Scott Davidson

Bobby Cannavale as Uncle Tommy(as Bobby Canavale)

Bob Roseman as Brian

Cameron Luker as Leo

Danielle Dallacco as Mary

Loulou Lazarus as Young Casey

Alcides Dias as Photographer(as Al Dias)

Neko White as Wedding DJ

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