Avatar: The Way of Water Ending Explained

Avatar: The Way of Water Ending Explained: In addition to being James Cameron’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2009 blockbuster Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water also marks the beginning of a brand-new Avatar Saga. As such, the ending of The Way of Water and the specifics of Avatar 2’s plot is essential to understanding the events in Avatar 3.

Avatar: The Way of Water Ending Explained

By attacking the Tulkun, Pandora’s whales, who are spiritually bonded to the Na’vi water tribe, The Metkayina, and have an enzyme that can stop human aging, Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and his team of marines (now cloned into Na’vi Avatar bodies) set a vicious trap for Jake Sully and his family in the climactic act of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar: The Way of Water Ending Explained

Although Payakan, an outcast Tulkun, bonded with Jake’s son Lo’ak, the Sully children and the children of the Metkayina leaders banded together to rescue Payakan after Quaritch and the RDA marked him for death by attaching a tracker to him. Quaritch abducts the Sully children and holds them, prisoner, setting up a showdown between Jake and Neytiri.

In Avatar: The Way of Water’s climactic showdown, Jake, Neytiri, and the Metkayina face off against Quaritch and the RDA’s gigantic sea warship on the waters off Pandora’s coast. In a rage, Payakan, Jake, and Neytiri destroy the RDA and their entire crew (save for Quaritch, who narrowly escapes drowning). The battle goes back and forth between freeing and recapturing the children but ends tragically when RDA forces shoot and kill Jake’s eldest son, Neteyam, as he tries to protect his younger siblings.

Jake and Neytiri bury Neteyam at sea after the battle, opting to remain with the Metkayina and guard the waters from the RDA. At the film’s conclusion, Jake and Neytiri form a bond with the Spirit Tree of the Seas, allowing them to visit their son’s spirit in cherished memories they’ve all shared through the help of Eywa.

At the end of Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake Sully resolves the internal struggle he has been experiencing between his two primary responsibilities as a parent (protecting his family and opposing darkness and injustice as a Na’vi leader). Jake and Neytiri’s lesson came at a terrible price since they had to give up their woodland home and their son to learn it.

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