As It Was Lyrics By Harry Meaning

As It Was Lyrics By Harry Meaning: The song “As It Was” by Harry explores the complex emotions that arise when dealing with change, isolation, and personal growth. The lyrics delve into the protagonist’s struggles with emotional turmoil, evolving relationships, and navigating expectations from loved ones. Through the verses, chorus, and bridge, the song conveys the importance of accepting change and moving forward, even when it’s difficult to let go of the past.

As It Was Lyrics By Harry Meaning

Verse 1: Grappling with Emotional Struggles

The opening verse of “As It Was” presents the protagonist’s struggle with emotional turmoil, as they feel the weight of gravity holding them back. The protagonist seeks comfort and support from someone, asking them to hold out their hand. However, they also acknowledge the challenges and barriers to communication, which leave them feeling irreplaceable and resigned to staying in their current state.

Chorus: Acknowledging the Change in Relationships

The chorus highlights the protagonist’s realization that their world has changed, and things will never be the same as they were. This sentiment reflects the evolving nature of relationships and the personal growth that comes with it. The repetition of “as it was” emphasizes the sense of longing for the past, even as they accept that it can’t be reclaimed.

Verse 2: The Struggle with Isolation and Expectations

In the second verse, the protagonist is urged to answer the phone, as someone expresses concern for their well-being, suggesting that they might be struggling with loneliness or substance abuse. This verse also touches on the theme of family, with the protagonist’s father living alone and worrying about their child’s welfare. This highlights the emotional burden of dealing with personal issues while trying to navigate family relationships.

Bridge: Moving Forward and Letting Go

The bridge of the song shows the protagonist trying to move forward and let go of the past. They mention their desire for progress, the internet, and a possible departure from America, followed by two children. This section underscores the need to accept change and move forward, even when it’s difficult to let go of the past and the way things were.

Outro: Embracing the New Reality

In the outro, the repetition of “as it was” further emphasizes the protagonist’s acceptance that things will never be the same. They have come to terms with their new reality and understand that the past cannot be recreated. The song ends on a note of acceptance, embracing the changes and uncertainty that life brings.

As It Was Lyrics Harry Styles

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