Are Pádraic And Colm Friends At The End of The Banshees of Inisherin?

Are Pádraic And Colm Friends At The End of The Banshees of Inisherin? Why do we make friends with other people? Is it because we share a shared interest, have great chemistry, and have known each other forever, or are they always there when no one else is? Why do we keep coming back to the same people time and time again?

If that’s the case, how can we know if they’re genuine friends or merely people in our lives we have to put emotional energy into because we have no other choice?

This type of connection is examined in “The Banshees of Inisherin,” when one character, Colm, decides he no longer wishes to pretend to love his lifelong “friend.”

Are Pádraic And Colm Friends At The End of The Banshees of Inisherin

The death of a close friend and the emotional support system they provided is tragic. However, we think that every tragedy has a touch of comedy to it because of the contrast between the most primitive human emotions and the politeness that is expected in society.

Are Pádraic And Colm Friends At The End of The Banshees of Inisherin?

Colm and Pádraic lived their whole lives on the island of Inisherin. There wasn’t much to do about it, so they stuck to the same routine: doing their chores, going to the pub, having a pint, and talking about boring things.

Colm woke up one day and realized that his life was only getting shorter. That he had accomplished nothing that would live on in legend or be missed when he was gone struck him. Because he and his life would be forgotten, he decided to do something about it.

The problem with what Colm did was that it directly affected the lives of his best friend. Pádraic had always been a simple man, and unlike Colm and his sister, he never really thought about the more extensive meanings of things he could strive for.

He was friendly, which was enough to remember about him. Colm, on the other hand, couldn’t stand to talk to Pádraic about anything else. All of it was a waste of time, and since he only had a few years left to live, he couldn’t do that.

Colm broke up with Pádraic because he wanted to give his full attention to his goal of leaving behind something that would last. He tells Pádraic in one scene that people don’t stay. They won’t be remembered for long, but the art they make will.

He has spent his whole life on Inisherin doing nothing, so now he wants to spend whatever time he has left making music, which he has always loved but never given the attention he should have.

Pádraic has a hard time seeing how making music and being friends are connected. He does everything he can to get back on good terms with Colm, but by the end, things are so bad between them that it’s clear there’s no going back.

In the last scene, Pádraic and Colm are near his house, where Colm starts to feel better about his old friend even though he can’t play the fiddle anymore. But now, Pádraic has lost everything he cared about, and he blames Colm for it all.

Things got worse for Pádraic when Colm lost his mind and stopped being friends with him out of the blue. If Colm hadn’t been so stubborn and angry, things would have stayed the same, which is what Pádraic wanted.

If Colm hadn’t cut off his fingers and thrown them in front of Pádraic’s house, Jenny wouldn’t have eaten one and choked on it. Colm knew how much Pádraic loved his donkey and how much it meant to him.

After Colm’s crazy turn of events, Siobhan also goes back to the mainland. Even though Pádraic knows she’s doing it for herself, he can’t help thinking about what happened between him and Colm simultaneously.

Pádraic also lies to Colm’s new friend about his father getting back together with his best friend. It was a mean thing for Pádraic to do, and if it weren’t for Colm, he would have never done it (because he was “nice”). Even Dominic, Pádraic’s only friend left at this point, goes because of it.

So, Pádraic will keep his promise even after he burns down Colm’s house. They will die with this argument between them. He is more strict than Colm because he has no choice but to make this choice. Colm chose to end his relationship with Pádraic.

Still, there were times when he changed, such as when Dominic’s father beat up Pádraic or when he found out about Jenny. Pádraic, on the other hand, lost everything because he tried to make up with Colm. It forced him to be someone he never wanted to be, and it made him think about Colm again and wonder if he was ever as lovely as Pádraic thought.

Pádraic’s hatred for Colm is also shown by the fact that when he finds Colm sitting in the burning house, he does nothing to save or even try to get his attention.

He doesn’t think twice about how violent he is. He has also grown so indifferent to their friendship (but not so much to their hatred) that in the letter he writes to Siobhan, he doesn’t say anything about what he did or anything else about Colm.

There is no doubt that Pádraic still cares about Colm in some way. After all, the next day, he goes back to see if Colm is still alive. But the fact that Colm didn’t die in the fire could make him even angry at him.

In their last conversation, he shows no signs of wanting to make peace. As he walks away, Mrs McCormick stands far away and looks at them. Colm and Pádraic are on either side of her, which is an exciting choice. The fact that the old woman is there also proves their friendship is over.

Siobhan and Dominic call Mrs McCormick a “ghoul,” and she shows up in the most exciting places in the movie. She also says that two people will die in Inisherin, and her appearance makes her look like a banshee, who, as Colm says at one point, now just sits back and watches the disaster instead of howling about it.

The fact that she is in the last shot with Pádraic and Colm makes us think they are done with each other for good. They’ve both done bad things to each other to the point where they can’t go back, and it’s doubtful they’ll ever be friends again.

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