Alaska Daily Episode 8 Release Date, Preview, Cast (Tell a Reporter Not To Do Something and Suddenly It’s a Party)

Alaska Daily Episode 8: After Eric’s reaction was too strong, Eileen convinces him to let her use the bathroom. She sees that Eric is wearing his boots while working on an oil rig, so she tells him that her father worked in the steel industry to show that she understands. In the bullpen, Eileen tells Eric that he can use her to tell his story, since he seems to be getting less and less sure of himself.

Then they get to work. As he talks about his life, Eric seems to blame “ecological fanatics” and their protests. He says that because of this, he hasn’t been able to work for seven years. Eileen might even start to feel bad for the person holding her.

When Claire goes back to the bar, she finds out that the company recently took over Eric’s house. Go there to find out more about the shooter, Austin, and a detective. The police say they can kill Eric by shooting him, but Eileen needs to move out of the way. Gabriel tells her that one of the people who used to work for Vanguard is in danger. Get down on the ground to figure out what to do.

We see that Eileen declines. We can’t say we blame her for not wanting to be there when Eric died. The next day, more than nine hours after the kidnapping started, Roz talks to Dennis Gibson about OilMan223. She gives him one of Dennis’s letters to Eric, saying, “Do something, OilMan223.

Journalists like Eileen Fitzgerald are a growing cancer sore that needs to be cut out. Dennis agrees to help because of this. Daisy, Eric’s college-aged daughter, writes a goodbye letter that Austin and the detective find at his house. After seeing on her social media that she is getting treatment, Bob and Yuna go see her.

They tell Daisy what’s going on and urge her to call her dad. Eric fires the page and tells Eileen to explain where the notifications are coming from when he sees her looking at it. Eric catches Gabriel after he gets upset and knocks over some crates.

The shooter has trapped them in Eileen’s office, where the snipers can’t see them. Dennis hangs up the phone when he calls Eric because he can see right through him. After Eileen agrees to tell his story because she knows he has no other choice, Eric leaves the office, holds the gun up to Eileen, and is killed by a sniper.

As Eric’s dead body lies on the floor, Eileen and Gabriel notice that the gun wasn’t fired. At the same time, Eric’s phone rings with a message from Daisy. Eileen puts out the piece and later talks about the attack on reporters. She then goes on a much-needed flight with the poet aviator, Jamie, over the beautiful Alaskan waters.

Alaska Daily Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of Alaska Daily will air on Thursday, March 9, 2023. Around 10 o’clock in the USA, Episode 8 of Alaska Daily will air. ABC will show the eighth episode of Alaska Daily.

  • Britain: 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time
  • Australia: 2 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • India: 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time
  • The Pacific region: 7 PM Pacific Time on March 10

Alaska Daily Episode 8 Preview

In Season 1, Episode 8 of Alaska Daily, Gloria’s case could be changed because of new evidence. Here is everything you need to know to watch the episode live.

Alaska Daily chose to come back from the winter break with a very stressful episode. Everyone else had to wait outside while Eileen was held at gunpoint in the newsroom. At the end, Eileen wrote a post about what had happened and how people had attacked a fair and free press because they didn’t like how she did her job.

And it really does happen. I can remember all the times someone didn’t like what I wrote and told me to kill myself or gave me death threats. Even though we have to have thick skin, that doesn’t mean the threats are okay.

Now, Eileen and the team will have to deal with what all of this means. We’ve seen Eileen have attacks of fear. Will she have one as the memories come back to her in the newsroom?

As all of this is going on, new evidence has come up in Gloria’s case that could lead to it being reclassified. Is this good for the rule of law? What’s it all about?

Alaska Daily Episode 8 Cast

  • Hilary Swank as Eileen Fitzgerald
  • Jeff Perry as Stanley Cornik
  • Grace Dove as Rosalind ‘Roz’ Friendly
  • Meredith Holzman as Claire Muncy
  • Matt Malloy as Bob Young
  • Pablo Castelblanco as Gabriel Martin
  • Ami Park as Jieun Park
  • Craig Frank as Austin Greene
  • Jennifer Copping as Linda Roberson
  • Anna Lambe
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