A million Little Things Season 4 Episode 16 Cast Review | A million Little Things Lesson Learned Cast Review

A million Little Things Season 4 Episode 15

The last episode was all about Gary, but he seems to be what holds everyone together. After watching him put so much of his heart into his friends and family, it is sweet to watch HIM GET SOME BACK. Karen sits in the hospital waiting room and cracks jokes about how often they find themselves there.

Eddie casually jokes about his accident and trauma porn when he struggles with his paralysis.

It was nerve-wracking for Gary as he sat with his friends and family waiting for the results of his cancer tests.

A million Little Things Season 4 Episode 16 Review

The foursome had dinner to celebrate Gary and Maggie moving in together.

Anne sneaks off to the bar where she finds out from a friend about her ex dating one of her friends. It shocked her to learn this after her friend gave testimony about her ex sexually assaulting Sophie.

Anne has an outburst and Peter refuses to leave after Gary suggests it’s a good idea. After Gary threatens him, the foursome leaves. Eddie drops Anne off, and it’s obvious she is thinking about Peter.

The good news that wraps up the episode is that Rome gets a call from Washington. Their new Dean (Dre) informs him they need a teacher. Tyrell finds out they do not accept him at the University of California but at Yale. Rome takes the job.

A million Little Things Season 4 Episode 16 Cast

  • David Giuntoli. Eddie Saville.
  • Romany Malco. Rome Howard.
  • Allison Miller. Maggie Bloom.
  • Christina Marie Moses. Regina Howard.
  • Grace Park. Katherine Saville.
  • James Roday Rodriguez. Gary Mendez.
  • Stephanie Szostak. Delilah Dixon

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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 15 Cast Review

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